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 October 25th 10am:  Quick get in there before the Shepherds do!

Good News For Ancient Shepherds!

Brian now has a silver badge in stock for you!
At Sandown we have things you’ll NEVER find anywhere else.
That’s why we have all those ancient shepherds roaming about,
they KNOW their badge will eventually turn up here!
(we know there are dealers at Sandown that you won’t see anywhere else)
For this and other rare and fabulous treasures beyond your wildest dreams
to entice and delight you,
and for your ennoblement, delectation and profit...
...see you at Sanddown.

Alan & Ludi.

Wonder Whistles new free amazing organizational tool
on the back of every current leaflet

Very few of you worked out exactly what our
powerful new time saving tool was for …

here are some clues,
pianists, food preparation, firewood, Brahms and …

and if you’re still stuck
sending a crisp £20 note in the post to
42 Woodside Gardens Highams Park E4 9BE
would solicit the answer.

see you Tuesday 22nd
Alan & Ludi.

Our intrepid dealers have scoured the four corners of the kingdom to bring you rare and fabulous treasures beyond your wildest dreams for
Sunday 26th April!


Our intrepid dealers have scoured the four corners of the kingdom and beyond to bring you the very best antiques and objet d’arts, gold, silver, diamonds and rare and fabulous treasures beyond your wildest dreams!

and then of course there’s Gwilliam

At our last Sunday Fair there were a number of our dealers,
men & women of character, integrity and courage
who went far beyond the call of duty
they blew!

They blew for World Peace, they blew for Freedom,
they blew for England, they blew for Free School Milk,
they blew for whistle collectors everywhere!

where would we be without them?
Join us this Sunday
11am kick off
all the usual fun of the fair

Alan & Ludi.

Turning up this fair for the second time only in the whole history of the Fair is a faint wand.
Brought along by East London Collector Gwillium Newnan.

Identified by the indubitable Natalie Carpenter.
Often exhibited as feather dusters these very finely turned and decorative handles
sported feathers which were burnt under the noses of  unconscious damsels.
The pungent odour of which – revived them from their faints!
Well, whatever tickles your fancy.

Whistle While you Work!

Our Dealers Scouring the country for New Stock for Sandown!

Our Dealers are scouring the country as we speak for new exciting stock for this Sunday's Sandown Park Antique Fair,
Including Fine Copper and Brass.

Searching every well established purveyor of vintage and antiquities,
Leaving no stone unturned

And occasionally a few items of choice furniture

And don’t forget our moto
Cash at the Front, Cheques at the Back
Do not Panic, everybody will be served!

And remember
The very best prices are paid for scrap Gold & Silver at our fairs

10am kick off on Sundays.

See what the ATG says about us!

Fortune Favours the Bold

and if that's not enough, here's a little ditty to cheer and inspire you

As told to me by Tony Jennings, an old steward of ours, and it always stuck,
he always drove a ford "you can fix 'em with a hammer and buy spares in the greengrocers"
always ate all the chicken, marrow bones and all, and a great fan of South Pacific
Tony if you're out there get in touch!

DID YOU NOTICE only 3 rounded corners on the flyer above?
The fourth corner had to be squared off to balance the type and fit it snugly in the corner
I promise you no other Fair Organiser pays such attention to detail!
That flyer will go down as a landmark watershed in the advertising of antique Fairs!
Lecturers in Graphic Design will be paying their respects to it for years to come

For your own copy signed by the organiser please send a crisp £5 note 
and a stamped addressed envelope to 1 Ritson Road London E8 1DE

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